Pozorište Zvezdariste - A sanctuary of laughter, knowledge, love and acceptance

Every Pozorište Zvezdarište brings up a new themes, joy, discoveries, some new smart heads and eyes are discovering world watching some good theatre. What could we say about this year‘s Festival? This Festival is coming after two year‘s pause, for reasons all known. This festival gives hope for parents, kids and theatre professionals, that everything will be good, that life continues, childhood and work, dreams and imagination also. If you look at this year‘s selection, you could find out that there are some well known plays, that we all love to see in new version, from some new point of view. But also there are some less known or totally unknown stories, that open up some taboos in society, talk about freedom, identity, that visible or boundaries inside. These are the stories about body identity, vulnerability, adequacy, children and other rights. Many hot topics that are important for grown ups are also part of the Zvezdarište. There is a story about an opsession with physical appearance, but also some about migrations. There are many things to be seen, and later on something to talk about with teachers and parents, especially because some of the stories have been a part of their reading programmes in school.

The selection is exciting because it is a mixture of well known and unknown that could suprise us. This year‘s Zvezdarište will help children to learn something new, but most of all – to feel, to experience, in direct contact with theatre, living actors, a touch that we needed so much.


Ana Vučković Denčić, writer and journalist