Pinocchio Puppet Theater, Belgrade, Serbia

Ljubinka Stojanović (based on the book by René Guillot)
Director: Predrag Stojmenović
Conceptual design of costumes, scenography and puppets: Boris Čakširan
Assistants: Vera Karanović and Petra Fotez
Music: Teodora Sparavalo
Stage movement: Mirko Knezevic

Costume design: Vesna Balać
Footwear production: Milan Stojković "O-mil"
Production of puppets and scenography: Darko Ivanović,
Žarko Ivanović and Nataša Čakić-Simić
Video design: Vojislav Savić


Folko - Predrag Grujic
White mane - Goran Popovic
Rita the mare - Željka Mandić
Foal white mane - Zorana Milošaković-Tasić
The Spirit of the Swamp (narrator) - Ivana Todorović
Vranac - Borko Saric
Antonio - Zoran Todorovic
Boss of Manada - Jovan Popovic
Circus Director - Dragisa Kosara
Poacher / Clown / Guardian - Anita Stojadinović
Poacher / Clown / Guardian - Lako Nikolic
Animation of the white mane - Filip Vukićević, Miloš Damjanović / Vladimir Maksimović
Animation of the mare Rita and Vranac - Zoran Vujacic, Stefan Blagojevic / Vladimir Maksimovic


The White Mane is a wild, lonely horse that needs endless space to gallop. A proud knight, with his own will and laws, becomes a prey for people who do not respect his freedom but want to rule him. Folko, a boy who is growing up in similar conditions as the mane, is the only one who sees a friend in him. The love between the little fisherman and the unbridled horse grows into their joint fight for freedom, which they eventually pay with their lives. People who want to capture and rule the life of the animals, to apply themselves as rulers of the world, disturb nature and do not value sharing this planet with other beings.

Predrag Stojmenović

Duration: 55 minutes

Age: 7+