Small Theatre Dusko Radovic, Belgrade, Serbia

Author: Mike Kenny

Directing and stage movement: Damjan Kecojević
Translation: Milica Naumović
Playwright: Bojana Lazić
Set designer: Zorana Petrov
Costume designer: Maja Mirković
Composer: Vladimir Pejković

Mladen Lero
Jelena Ilić
Jovana Cvetković
Jelena Ćuruvija Đurica
Dubravka Kovjanić
Nedim Nezirovic

"The Boy with the Suitcase" by Mike Kenny is the story of a twelve-year-old boy who is forced to leave his home and embark on a long and dangerous journey towards a better life in the "promised land". In the small suitcase he carries with him is his greatest treasure - the stories his parents told him before bed. With the help of these stories and Krisja, a girl he meets on the way, Naz manages to meet his brother safely and tell a new story. Your story. The story of underage migrants who spend their childhood wandering the world in search of a better life in the "promised land".
The boy's name is Naz.
The boy's name is Saifudin.
The boy's name is Mladen, his name is Nedim, Jelena, Amira, Jovana, Nur, Šivan, Ajša, Vlada, Sadaf, Ahmad, Edo, Sabina, Igor, Saša, Ziad, Ali, Ljudmila, Karim, Vinko, Marko, Reza, Muhamed, Zoran...

Duration: 65 minutes

Age: 11+