17th Children's Theatre Festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE

The City Municipality of Zvezdara and the Festival Council proudly announce that Children's Theatre Festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE has reached its 17th edition this May!

Under the slogan Zvezdarište - sanctuary of smilesthe 17th festival will be held in Belgrade from May 23 to 27, 2022.

The host of the festival is the "Vuk" Theater, and festival performances and programs will be performed on the stages of the Small Theatre "Duško Radovic", Puppet Theatre "Pinocchio", "Pan Theatre" and in the Library - Gallery "Branko Miljković".

We are realizing the festival thanks to the support of the Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government, which provided funds through the Budget Fund for the local self-government program.

The festival starts on Monday, May 23 at 10 am with a gathering of participants on the square in front of the "Vuk" Theatre and the Zvezdara City Municipality, where in a cheerful atmosphere, with the animators of the "Kinetrop Theatre", Zvezdara's preschoolers will perform their "Carnival of Smiles".

At the ceremonial opening of the festival, which is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on the Grand Stage of the "Vuk" Theatre, the annual certificate "STAR AMONG STARS" will be awarded by the Festival Council. This year's winner of the festival award is JASMINKA PETROVIĆ, a writer whose works have significantly enriched the repertoire of the theater for children and youth in recent years.

The Competition Program will feature 9 plays from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, chosen by the selector Željko Hubač, and the festival awards will be decided this year by the Expert Jury and the Children's Jury.

The expert jury of the 17th Zvezdarište will consist of: Miran Hajoš, theatre producer, Olivera Viktorović Đurašković, actress and Tijana Grumić, playwright, and the Children's Jury will include 13 girls and boys aged 8 to 12, participants in the sixth generation of the Small Theatre Experts program led by young theatre professionals and pedagogues gathered around the organization Threepenny.

The first play in the Competition Program of the festival is SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, Boško Buha Theater, author: Ljubivoje Ršumović, director: Snežana Trišić. It is on the program at 11 am, while in the afternoon at 6 pm audience can see the play SHE IS FAT, Youth Theatre, Novi Sad (author: Silvija Šesto, director: Emilija Mrdaković).

During the festival, the audience will have the opportunity to see 7 more plays:

WHITE MANE, Puppet Theater "Pinocchio" - on Tuesday, May 24 at 11 am on the stage of the Puppet Theatre "Pinocchio"

QUIET BOY, Children's Theater Kragujevac - on Tuesday, May 24 at 6 pm on the "Kult" Stage of the "Vuk" Theatre

PINOCCHIO LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE , Kraljevo Theater - on Wednesday, May 25 at 11 am on the Grand Stage of the "Vuk" Theatre

PETER AND THE WOLF, Children's Theater of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka - on Thursday, May 26 at 11 am on the Grand Stage of the Theatre "Vuk"

BOY WITH SUITCASE, Small Theater "Duško Radović" - on Thursday, May 26 at 1 pm on stage of the Small Theater "Duško Radović"

LITTLE FRIDA, Theatre "Žar ptica", Zagreb - on Thursday, May 26 at 6 pm on the Grand Stage of the Theatre "Vuk"

FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, Breath of the Theater from Belgrade - on Friday, May 27 in 11 am on the ‘’Grand Stage” of the ‘’Vuk’’ Theater

We are continuing our long-term partnership and cooperation with ASITEŽ SERBIA at the 17th Zvezdarište. ASSITEJ Serbia, the national association of performing arts for children and youth that brings together domestic theatre institutions, independent troupes, as well as artists and individual experts active in this field, will be the hosts of the world's largest event in this field Assitej Artistic Geathering, which is held every year in another city in the world, and in 2023 it will be held in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

As part of the Accompanying Program, at the meeting that will be held on Wednesday, May 25, starting at 4 pm on the "Kult" Stage.

On the same day at 6 pm, on the Great Stage of the "Vuk" Theater, will be performed the play KABARE KURSHLUS, by "Kinetrop Theater" which is part of the Accompanying Program, and is intended for all ages.

In the fulfill Accompanying program it will also be: * Exhibition of Theater Masks "The Way of the Theater", which will be opened on Monday, May 23 at 4 pm in the Library - Gallery "Branko Miljković"


* workshop "Mask and costume in the theatre" led by Bojana Đurašković and Filip Cvetković (May 23 at 4 pm Library - Gallery "Branko Miljković")

* workshop "With Nikoleta on animals and books" led by Nikoleta Novak, writer and doctor of veterinary medicine (May 24 at 10 am on the Stage" Cult "of the Theatre "Vuk")

* creative writing workshop of playwright Jelena Paligorić Sinkević (May 27 at 12 noon on the Stage" Cult ", Theatre "Vuk")



                                                                                                                         Festival Council