Children's Theater of Republika Srpska, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska

Author: Sergei Prokofiev
Director: Biserka Kolevska
Scenography and costume: Svila Veličkova
Photo: Svjetlana Vasić
Poster: Miloš Despenić



Peter - Dragan Vučić
Narrator - Duško Mazalica
Wolf, Mouse - Zorana Šuman
Cat - Đurđa Babić
Bird - Ana Anđelić
Duck - Božana Bijelić
Wolf - Aleksandar Blanić
Grandfather - Dragan Banjac
Hunter - Đorđe Janković

Peter and the Wolf is an unusual musical story, written by the great Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev. Like any story, it has its heroes, and here the heroes are the instruments of a symphony orchestra. In order for the children to recognize them, the instruments will be represented by actors. Through the story and beautiful pictures, children will learn to listen, understand and love symphonic music, which was the goal and desire of the great Prokofiev.
Music is the word of the soul. It can lift and give hope, cheer up, separate from reality. It’s speech is understood by everyone who has a heart, regardless of the language someone speaks or age … It connects people. Laughter, music, creates a man. That is why it is very important for authors to teach both children and adults to listen to classical music and to love it, just as they will love Peter and the wolf.

Duration: 52 minutes

Age: 5+