About the Festival

Children’s theatre festival „POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE“ is a regional competitive festival that represents the best stage performances in theatre production for children on the territory of Serbia and surrounding countries.

Initiative for this festival is given by an actress Olivera Viktorović, journalist Tanja Peternek Aleksić made up a name for the festival, therefore she is a „godmother“ of the festival. Svetlana Velmar-Janković, Radmila Hrustanović, Željko Hubač, Nebojša Romčević are some of the biggest supporters of the festival, people who actively participated in the creation of the festival. In general, the idea of organizing „Zvezdarište“ has been to confirm and support theatre creation for the youngest, therefore to correct wrong prejudice that culture events for children are second-rate and less important.

That‘s how the story of „Zvezdarište“ begun, with lots of beautiful wishes and enthusiasm. The Festival was founded in 2003 and its founder is City Municipality of Zvezdara.

Festival is a member of the International Association of Theatre for Children and young people – ASSITEJ and Regional theatre center for children and young audiences EPICENTAR. From 2007. the Festival is supported by the Department for the culture of Belgrade Assembly.

Festival goals are: development and cultivation of cultural habits in population of children and young people and affirmation of educational-upbringing importance of theatre as an important content, and as the space in which we get in touch with a lot of new information on the creative way; supporting mutual introductions, cooperation, artists from different backgrounds sharing experience, that will lead to faster integration of our artists and children theatre into European and world flows.
Festival is selective and competitive. Festival selector, after watching and evaluating all entered performances, chooses the best ones.


  • puppet, drama/played and combined form;
  • classical theatre performances and new theatre tendencies performances;
  • verbal and non-verbal theatre (shadow play, movement, dance theatre…);
  • performances for children of all ages – from babies to teenagers

Festival is valued by an expert jury consisting of theatre authors and children jury (as an expression of respect for children’s opinion because children are the main target group for whom the festival is above all designed for).

Expert jury awards authors in 7 categories: the best performance of the festival, script, direction, female and male role, design and puppet animation, Children jury gives the first, the second and third award for performance as a whole. Expert jury awards consist of diploma and amount of money, and children’s jury awards consist of diploma and children artwork. From 2008. there is an audience prize too.

According to the firs plan, the festival is designed for children and young people, indirectly to the parents, teachers (the ones who take care of healthy and normal growing up, recommending them quality cultural content).

With an idea for programmes to be available to as more children as possible, tickets will be gratuite for all the visitors, but also for children in foster homes, children from refugee camps, children with special needs and children from socially vulnerable families. Accompanying programs are gratuite for all.

Miloš Ignjatović, president of City Municipality of Zvezdara and Festival Council president
Tatjana Peternek Aleksić (Council member);
Olivera Viktorović Đurašković (Council member);
Ljiljana Marinković (Council member) and
Vesna Petrović Urošević (Council member)