Assitej and Zvezdarište


Introductory program, lecture
A look into contemporary theater practices for children and young audiences

The traditional program that ASSITEJ Serbia and the Zvezdarište Theater jointly address young artists, students of art academies and professionals in the performing arts for young audiences, this year begins on the eve of the official opening of the Festival. This year’s introductory program is a thematic lecture dedicated to contemporary theater production for children and young people in Serbia, the region and the world. The ASSITEJ Serbia team, experts and practitioners in this field, will share their knowledge, experience and current information with future generations of theater professionals, students of the first years of theater production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade. The lecture was organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Department of Management and Production of Theater, Radio, and Culture.

Tuesday, November 19th from 11 am to 1 pm, FDU, New Belgrade

Meeting of ASSITEJ members from the region

More and more, theater artists and creators are reprimanding how festivals have ceased to be the meeting place of artists; The participants usually come to the festival just to set the stage, play the play, and usually immediately after the performance is over, as soon as the set and costume are packed in the van, they go home. Guests, participants in the festival program and local artists, hardly have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, discuss current topics, share news and contacts, and maybe start long-lasting friendships from which almost, as a rule, the best collaborations are formed. Festivals are thus losing that important and stimulating segment that brings a sense of special kind of festivity to everyone. And is it just a matter of time and money? We don’t think so. In order to provide a space for a direct meetings of the participants and guests of the festival, ASSITEJ members from the countries of the region, ASSITEJ Serbia and Zvezdarište set up an ASSITEJ Members Meeting Day to discuss and inform other colleagues from Macedonia, Croatia, and Serbia.

Thursday, November 21st, from 12.30 pm, Multimedia Hall – Theater “Vuk”

Presentation of a new collection of short dramatic texts “Stories from a Small Break – St. Sava’s Stories”

After the positive reactions of the participants and the public on the concept of the program “Stories from a small break” realized in the period from 2015 to 2018, and great interest in the collection of short dramatic texts that arose from it and which was published in the edition of the “Kreativni Centar”. ASSITEJ Serbia, following the same model, launched the second cycle of this program for young playwrights. This time, the participants explored the theme of St. Sava’s school glory and sacrilege as principles through workshops with students in the school. Thus, the second collection of short dramatic texts created during the program 2018-2019, entitled “Stories from a Small Break”, was added the subtitle “St. Sava’s Stories”, which will be presented for the first time in the form of public reading of excerpts from the piece, in collaboration with students of theater directing and acting at FDU.

Let us remind you of the model of this successful program: young playwrights, selected by the competition applications, go through workshops to prepare students to work at school, led by expert associates.
The program is followed by young writers’ workshops with upper elementary students. The workshops are held at the school as part of regular Serbian language classes. With the help of various forms: drama and theater techniques and applied theater, young writers discuss, examine and re-examine a given topic with students. Initial material for working on texts emerges from the workshop process. It continues with a period of developing ideas with a mentor and working on texts. The first version of the text is checked in the classroom at the workshop with participants from the previous set of workshops with full respect for their reactions. The consolidated, final version of the text is presented to the public in the form of a public reading of the text.

Mentor: Milena Depolo
Expert associates: playwright Minja Bogavac and priest and director Nenad Ilic
Program Director: Diana Kržanić Tepavac

Playwrights, program participants, and authors:
Mina Ćirić, Milica Kostić, Kristina Bojanić, and Pavle Lazarević

A stage reading of the passages of the texts was prepared by the students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the 2nd year of theater directing in the class of full professor Ivana Vujić and assistant professor Snežana Trišić;
Nikola Bundalo, Alja Daničić, Katarina Vještica, Djordje Nešović, Iva Olujić with the help of colleagues from the FDU acting chair.

The project “Stories from a Small Break / St. Sava’s Stories” was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information

Friday, November 22nd, from 11.00, Multimedia Hall – Vuk Theater

Diana Kržanić Tepavac, President of the ASSITEJ Serbia