Belgrade Mummy

Theatre “Pan Theatre”, Belgrade, Serbia
(according to the text by Branko Miloradović, in the dramatization of Ivan Baletić and Mila Masović)

animation: Bulp creation
concept and director: Ivan Baletić
music and sound: Mićun sound design
technical leadership: Kristijan Branković
actors: Miodrag Milovanov, Oliver Viktorović Đurašković, Petar Kokinović

The Belgrade Mummy theater play is a dramatization of the novel of the same name by Branko Miloradović, directed by Ivan Baletić.

The starting point for this story is the fact that our National Museum owns a mummy bequeathed to the Serbian people by the famous Serbian nobleman and merchant Hadžipavle Riđički, who bought the mummy in 1888 in Egypt, near Luxor. It is a mummy of priest Nesmin from the Temple of the Fertility God Mina.

Our hero Ogi is a lonely boy whose parents announce their separation. Just then, his father, tasked with studying the only Egyptian mummy in the Balkans, takes him to the Museum to see the famous sarcophagus. Ogi peeks into the dark depot of the National Museum, which hides a secret more than two thousand years old. Opening a sarcophagus with a mummy, he experiences a wonderful encounter with priest Nesim from the temple of God Mina. Traveling through time, Ogi helps Nesim change the past. In return, the priest reveals to the boy the magic that will bring the idyll and family atmosphere back to his broken home… This is an exciting, contemporary story full of adventure, magic and the inevitable battle between good and evil. The play is a mix of classic theater and cartoons. Animation takes on the role of set design, and several cartoon characters appear.

Duration: 45-50 minutes
Age: 9-13

Duration: 45-50 minutes
Age: 9-13