Colorful Tree

Children’s Theater Kragujevac, Serbia

author: Anđelka Nikolić
expert associate: Taša Kaluđerović
visual identity associate: Alina Linjkova-Veljković
actors, co-authors, and moderators: Dubravka Brkić and Petar Lukić
technical realization, support and participation in the performance: Rade Krstic and Marko Đurić
tone: Marko Đurić
light: Dragan Planić

The play recites lyrics by Desanka Maksimovic, Leonard Cohen, L.Hrubin, Moritake, and uses music by Mozart, Grieg and Cortazzi & Fraguglia.

The play Colorful Tree is inspired by a rainbow-colored eucalyptus: a tree whose bole is so multicolored that it appears to be painted. This plant, by its beauty, seems to blend nature and art, and reminds us of the essential connection of those two spheres that are unjustifiably separated by traditional divisions. The show evokes and provokes sensory experiences related to the flow of the seasons using a combination of natural materials (water, leaves, fruits) and recycled objects from everyday city life (PVC bottles, bags, cardboard boxes). Its most important goal is to displace us from the deafening everyday life and to arouse peace and restlessness, joy, tenderness and other emotions that bring us special moments spent in nature, in the company of loved ones. The play is performed with the audience on stage, so the number of visitors is limited to thirty children and their attendants.

Duration: 55 minutes
Age: 1+