Duck Floats Across Drava

Branko Mihaljević Children’s Theater in Osijek, Croatia

dramaturgy and direction: Jelena Sitar Cvetko
fine arts and music design: Igor Cvetko
light: Igor Elek
assistant director: Đorđe Dukić
Cast: Đorđe Dukić, Srđan Kovačević, Gordan Marijanović

Duck floats across Drava is a puppet show that invites to play. This time, the scenes are not an ordinary story. The play is made up of games, counters, teases and mockingbirds and mishaps created by children in Croatia through generations. Many of the adults will remember them and relive them. Before the authors of the play, with the crew of the Osijek Children’s Theater, started working on the play, they searched through piles of discarded toys from the attic and basement and brought them back to life. Thus, as they play with teddy bears and bunnies, the children who used to hold them in their arms and lie down to sleep in the past will play with them again, and today mothers and fathers or grandparents. Toys on stage, which will be presented to us as stage heroes by skilled puppeteers, each have their own playing history. In this play, their love, as well as the love of those who played with them, is generously returned to other children.

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 2+