Expert Jury Awards


The expert jury of the 15th Children Theatre festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE, consisting of Diana Kržanić Tepavac, actress and drama pedagogue – president of the jury, Nikola Zavišić, theatre director and dramaturge and Branko Miloradović, writer, director, and screenwriter, on the closing session held 20th of November 2018. year, decided about the awards:

Special prize
Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Slovenia and team of “Doodledee it’s me” earned an honorable mention for studious work process in theatre for the youngest audience.

  1. Award for light design is given to Frano Papić in “Kaštanka” co-production between Virovitica Theatre and Puppet theatre Zadar from Croatia.
    Frane Papić with his light solutions significantly determines the very vivid atmosphere of Chehov’s world in “Kaštanka” performance. His light design magically draws and holds the audience in the story of the main character, Kaštanka the dog.
  2. Award for puppet animation goes to Sara Lustig, for animation in “Kaštanka” co-production of Virovitica Theatre and Puppet Theatre Zadar.
    Expertly created, Sara Lustig’s dog Kaštanka causes the spectator’s closeness and compassion, feelings that stay in our head long after the show. If anima is a spirit, and animation life-giving to something inanimate, Sara Lustig succeeds to draw us to her world with magnetic simplicity, virtues of the great ones.
  3. Award for the best actress of the Festival goes to Ana Marija Veselčić for her role of Disobedient Tonka in “Dirty Špiro and Disobedient Tonka”, City puppet theatre, Split, Croatia
    Ana Marija’s Disobedient Tonka is full of energy and power, intelligent, funny, fast, with many unconventional scene solutions in which she adds humorous comments on her own performance.
  4. Best Festival’s actress is Jovana Gavrilović, for the role of Rachel in “Moby Dick” of Little theatre “Duško Radović” from Belgrade
    From the beginning, Jovana Gavrilović in “Moby Dick” believes in the naturalness and innocence of girl Rachel and transmits that feeling to the audience.
  5. An award for best play goes to Milena Depolo from dramatization of Erland Loe’s story “I wonder, I wonder, how necessary I am”, Boško Buha Theatre from Belgrade, Serbia
    With her refined sense of balance, Milena Depolo transmits funny and twisted Erlend Loe’s world to the scene. Her dramatization is compact, witty, and in every good way succeeds to compress a very large number of characters and situations. She succeeds to make meaning of life of forklift driver from far away from Norway equally close to all of us regardless of cultural differences.
  6. Award for best direction goes to Anđelka Nikolić for “Epic games: the building of Skadar”, Art Troup Hop.La! From Belgrade, Serbia
    In Anđelka’s directors’ procedure tradition becomes a subject of dialogue between performers and the audience, and in that way recontextualizes epic poetry. Consciously renouncing from safety that brings theatre scene, director Anđelka Nikolić comes out of the world of illusion and comes in the space of school, everyday space, subtle, almost imperceptibly alternating drama situations and opening themes that are the axiom that is in epic poetry something not changeable, something that is not discussed, that is arguably accepted.
  7. Grand Prix of the Festival goes to performance “I wonder, I wonder, how important I am”, Boško Buha Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia
    Inventive, courageous, funny, yet exciting world of forklift driver Kurt, by wonderful Norwegian author Erlend Loe, lives on the best way in Boško Buha Theatre performance. Through pervasive cooperation of all elements this refreshing performance: very imaginative acting in which the actors very easy play many characters, music that doesn’t underline yet opens new spaces, simple and functional scenography, fun costume solutions, discrete yet present direction; performance “I wonder, I wonder, how important I am” succeeds to open up many important questions for the young generation, about what real values are.

In Belgrade, 20.11.2018.

Diana Kržanić Tepavac
Nikola Zavišić
Branko Miloradović