Johnny be Good

Miltinis drama theatre, Lithuania
(a performance for children based on the stories by H. Hoffmann)

director and dramaturgy: Luka Kurjački
stage and costume designer: Sandra Nikač
light designer: Renaldas Bartulis
sound designer: Ignas Lapinskas
actors: Gintautas Žiogas, Gintarė Dumbliauskienė, Laimutė Mališauskaitė

Pats baisiausias spektaklis literally means The Scariest Show in English. It is, of course, a funny performance based on the short stories by the German writer Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894). The performance-based on this truly classic piece of literature for children was created by a young Serbian duo of Luka Kurjački (director and dramaturg) and Sandra Nikač (stage designer and costume designer) and three Lithuanian actors of different generations.
In this performance, the director is seeking to establish a dynamic contact with the young audience by combining the playfulness, musicality of Hoffmann’s verses with a theatricality of the grim world that his characters live in. The stories from the 19th century are transferred into the contemporary world of big shopping malls, speedy cars, and modern technologies – it is a world where the boundaries separating what is good and evil, what is right and what is unjust are barely tangible. Especially for a child who has just started to get to know the huge world he lives in.

recommended age: 7 years and older
duration: 50 minutes