Expert Jury

Theatre director, born in 1977. in Belgrade. She is an author of more than 30 performances in institutional and non-institutional theatres in Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Germany…
She is a winner of several theatre awards, including two for best directing in Zvezdarište 2010. and 2017. She is a long-time associate of Radio Belgrade‘s Drama programme, and from 2014. to 2017. she worked as an editor of the series „Speak so I can see you“ in the Department of political culture and documentarу creation in Radio Belgrade 2. She is a member of the Executive Board of Assitej Serbia.

Dramaturge and theatre critic, an editor in Radio Belgrade. She graduated dramaturgy in the Academy of Arts in Belgrade and Literature with theory in the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.
Original plays: ’’Love stone from sea-bottom’’, ’’Fairy chariot’’, ’’Bastien and Bastiena’’, ’’Decameron, the day earlier’’, ’’Ugly’’. Dramatizations: ’’Wizard of Oz’’, ’’Three musketeers’’, ’’Jungle book’’, ’’Aladdin’’, ”Peter Pan”, ”Tom Sawyer”.

He was born in Kozarska Dubica in 1988. He graduated in the Academy of Arts in the class of Nebojša Dugalić. He is a permanent associate of Belgrade theatres and National theatre of Republika Srpska
National theatre of Republika Srpska: „Magareće godine“, „Omer-paša Latas“; National theatre in Belgrade: „Figarova ženidba i razvod“, „Nova Stradija“, „Maybe we are Mickey Mouse“; Yugoslav drama theatre: „Pokojnik“, „Sumnjivo lice“, „Оthello“, „Gospođica“, „Dnevnik o Čarnojeviću“, „Unosno mesto“; Аtelje 212: „The Night Watch“, „Homo Faber“, Boško Buha theatre: „Midsummer Night‘s Dream“, Zvezdarski vitez“, „Wizard of Oz“, „I wonder, I wonder how important I am“.
In Kotor children’s theatre festival 2019. he was awarded by Prize for the exceptional acting performance of Kurt in „I wonder, I wonder how important I am“.