Creative Center and Zvezdariste

“Creative Center” is Zvezdarište‘s faithful companion, support and friend, from its foundation in 2003, when this publisher‘s illustrators created the visual identity for the festival. All these years collaborators of “Creative Center” are making illustrations and designs for children‘s theatre festival Zvezdarište, which gave it recognizable, yet always new and fresh look.

From the foundation of the festival, director of “Creative Center” Ljiljana Marinković is a member of Festival Council, and many publications of “Creative Center” dedicated to the theatre have been promoted as a part of the festival‘s off programme.

This year “Creative Center” is celebrating 30 years of work and has almost 1300 publications in its production, 120 books translated to more than 30 languages, in more than 60 countries. Long term cooperation with this publisher is precious experience for both sides, and in this year in which “Creative center” celebrates an important jubilee, this cooperation is even more profound and richer in new content. Within the festival‘s programme this publisher will present some of its popular and awarded publications.

16th Zvezdarište will be opened by a PERFORMANCE “THE SUMMER I LEARNED TO FLY”, created by the novel of the same name by Jasminka Petrović, published by “Creative Center”. After the performance will be organized to encounter a young audience with Jasminka Petrović, “Creative Center” representatives and author team of the performance.
Wednesday, 20th of November, 12 o’clock, “Kult” scene – Theatre “Vuk”

Within OFF PROGRAMME OF 16TH ZVEZDARIšte will be organized two interactive workshops:

presentation of the book named “PlanUm” and encounter with an author Aleksandra Šarović Atanasovska
Thursday, 21st of November, 16 o’clock, Multimedia room – “Vuk” theatre

presentation of the book named “Dar-mar” and encounter with author Dragana Mladenović
Friday, 22nd of November, 16 o’clock, Multimedia room – “Vuk” theatre