Oliver Twist

Bosko Buha Theater, Belgrade, Serbia
(based on Charles Dickens’s Oliver Twist novel)

director: Milan Karadžić
dramatization: Milena Depolo
costume designer: Dragica Laušević
set designer: Boris Maksimović
composer: Irena Popović
choreographer: Nebojša Gromilić
Oliver Twist: Pavle Orlić * / Danilo Arnautović *
Narrator: Uroš Jovčić
Fagin: Nemanja Oliverić
Vrdalama: Relja Vasić * / Nikola Brun **
Nancy: Teodora Ristovski
Sikes: Milos Vlallukin
Mr. Bumble: Marko Gvero
Ms. Corney: Katarina Gojkovic
Monks: Amar Corovic
Braunlo: Nenad Nenadovic
Rose: Iva Pejovic * / Dunja Stankovic *
Mr. Sowerberry / Giles / book seller: Branislav Platisa / Bora Nenic
Mrs. Sowerberry / Mrs. Bedwin: Aleksandra Simic
Mr. Grimvig: Dear Denda
Bobby: Alexander Kecman
Noah Claypole: Aleksandar Cupovic * / Aleksa Bozic *
Charlotte: Milena Drakulic * / Lenka Lisjak *

Leader of a group of children from the orphanage, Fagin’s gang and a group of London citizens: Nadja Knezevic *
Slave Boys / Fagin’s Band / London Citizens:
Andrijana Jevremovic *, Aleksandar Cupovic *, Aleksa Bozic *, Milena Drakulic *, Lenka Lisjak *, Iva Pejovic *, Dunja Stankovic *, Milos Jevtovic *, Nikola Radulovic *, Strahinja Azaric *, Mihajlo Ezdenci *, Filip Spanovic *, Pavle Gajic *, Nemanja Pavlovic *, Ignjat Djordjevic * / Veljko Trivunovic *, Tijana Cuckovic * / Iva Joseski *, Tara Babic * / Ljiljana Slovic *.

* students of “Snežana and Nenad Nenadović School of Acting”
** Attendant of the Dadov Youth Theater and Speech School

The novel Oliver Twist, the capital work of Charles Dickens, has been the subject of numerous theater, film and television adaptations. The Boško Buha Theater played it in two versions – in 1964 after the dramatization of Branislav Kravljanac directed by Bojan Stupica, and in 1998 after the dramatization of Jeremy Brok directed by Nebojša Bradić. In this third setting on the Bosko Buha Theater stage, the author’s team tried to bring this very bleak and difficult story as close as possible to a small viewer. This was achieved primarily by the acting division itself, because in this play all the characters of the children are played by child actors, which will contribute to easier identification of the viewers with the story and a sense of empathy towards the main character. They also tried not to deprive the story of that obligatory dose of humor nurtured by Dickens himself, without which it would be impossible to understand the biography of young Oliver at the bottom of the 19th-century London social ladder. The guiding principle of this play fully belongs to the contemporary moment and the present idea of the fight for the rights of the child. It is contained in a replica spoken by Rose: How can a child be a thief on his own? It is because of her childish insincerity and honesty that Oliver eventually arrives at his prize – the acquisition of a family. Unlike other adaptations (and from the original), in this and other small heroes, members of the London Underground are given the opportunity to repent precisely because they are just children.

Duration: 90 minutes
Age: 6-12 years