On the Wolf’s Track

Youth Theater, Novi Sad, Serbia
(based on Jack London’s The Call of the Wild)

director: Jakub Maksimov
dramaturg: Jakub Maksimov and Karolina Arandia
stage design and costume design: Caroline Arandia
doll design and creation: Marek Šterbak and Vyacheslav Zubkov
composer: Lazar Novkov
actors: Saša Latinović, Jelica Gligorin, Neda Danilović, Slavica Vučetić, Aleksa Ilić, Slobodan Ninković, Dejan Šarković
props and set design: Nikola Komazec and “Triger Art”
costume design: Nikodinka Folić and “Art machine”

On the Wolf’s Track is the author’s adaptation of Jack London’s famous The Call of the Wild novel. It is a theatrical composition for six actors, one drummer, ten microphones, four dogs and one deer, a composition that talks about a dog being stolen and sold for work in Yukon, Canada during the Gold Rush on Klondike. So Bak returns to a place where his race roots are. Bak’s adventure is full of troubles and surprises caused not only by the unfamiliar environment but also by the awakening of his previously unknown spirit.

Duration: 60 minutes
Age: 10+