Sorry Mom

Children’s Theater Subotica, Serbia
Sofya Prokofyeva (based on the fairy tale I won’t apologize)

directed and dramatized by Todor Valov
doll design and costumes: Natalija Gočeva
musical processing: Plamen Mirchev – Mirona
translation from Bulgarian: Milica Redžić-Vulević
poster design: Hristina Nedeva-Mladenović
assistant director: Vesna Borocki
production of masks and puppets: Natalija Gočeva, Evgenia Lacheva, Alexander Garalov, Petar Chukurov, Eni Kovacheva, Nina Staneva
Costume Design: Ankica Đorđević
Decor and Props Design: Bálint Ervin, Rade Reković, Szarapka Tibor and Vojislav Mihajlović
lighting design: Csiszár László
tone: Stevo Bardak
wardrobe: Nevenka Krneta
decorator: Gvozden Mustafić
technique coordinator: Vojislav Mihajlovic
director: Marta S. Aroksalasi
Viktorija Palfi- boy Vasya
Danka Balać – Aunt with a dog, Teddy Bear and Blizzard
Olivera Begović – Old Mare and Aunt
Vörös Imelda – Mother, Christmas Tree, Teddy Bear, and Blizzard
Gál Elvira- Ice cream vendor, Fox, and Blizzard
Gregus Zalán- The Old Wizard
Kocsis Endre- Father, Teddy Bear, and Blizzard

The play Sorry Mom, by the fairy tale of Russian writer and playwright Sofya Prokofyeva, tells how difficult it is sometimes to deal with yourself and say sorry. It is a modern fairy tale about the insult, disappointment and need of every child and every person for sincere love, about how the imagination and emotional excitement of one child seamlessly blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

At first glance, everything looks simple and ordinary. A boy named Vasya is rude to his mother because she doesn’t have enough money to buy him a wooden horse. Despite everything, Vasya does not want to apologize for his inappropriate behavior. He is so angry that he decides to leave home and find herself another mother, better than his own. The play Sorry Mom is a touching truth about how each of us in this world has an irreplaceable mother and that only she, in her specialty, is the best for us.

Duration: 55 minutes
Age: 5+