The Adventures of Little Juju

City Puppet Theater Rijeka, Croatia
Ivana Đula and Milica Sinkauz (based on a song by Žarko Roja and Petar Bergam)

director: Renata Karol Gatik
composer: Ivana Đula
set design, objects and costumes: Alena Pavlović
stage movement associate: Damian Kortes Alberti
lights: Sanjin Servić
cast: Andrea Špindel, Tilen Kozamelj / Mario Jakšić, Damir Orlić, David Petrović, Zlatko Vicić

In the author’s project, the director Renata Carola Gatica and the playwright and musician Ivana Đula worked on translating the famous children’s song, with which many generations grew up, into a theatrical performance.
Through the process of collaborative research, the authoring team focused on the question of how to put a song on stage? Without wanting a classic dramatization of this famous song, the authors in the work process did not rely solely on its content, but emphasized its form, musical form, melody and rhythm. Together with the actors, the audience enters the world of mom Kukunka and dad Tarante, as well as little Juju who is as big as a thumb, knows all the animals and speaks their languages. Little Juju, like any child, and any of us who are formally no longer children, has some fears that are often unrealistic. How to confront them, face them and try to overcome them are the questions that this cheerful and rhythmic play will ask and help us find our answers.

Duration: 35 minutes
Age: 3+