The Dwarf Tells Us

Puppet Studio Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(by Ahmet Hromadzic)

scеnario and directed by Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović
creation and production of finger puppets: Danijela Madacki
creation and production of shadow puppets: Adisa Vatreš
music and songs: Ivan Vrhunc
set design and costume: Daliela Madacki and Adisa Vatres
actors: Jasminka Pozek-Bozuta, Ivan Vrhunc

The work of Ahmet Hromadzic, the Tolkien of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was and still is, even more, inspiring today for readers and for theater. The stories of the dwarf Sunny, White nightingale and Flame being celebrated, lead us into such a creative space where, through a simple stage form, we reach all the meanings and metaphorical images that are hidden in this piece. The journey also leads us into the world of Shadow Theater, where lyrically warm, yet meaningful layered and wise bird characters are placed. The play begins with an actress talking about the Forgotten Land and Dwarf Sunny, and reviving that fairy tale world with acting and puppet imagination, it also awakens the memory of a childhood in which everyone grows up learning and knowing themselves, but in discovering those who are different, but equally important to our experience. Fairy tales cover much more than the usual story, forcing us to think about true human values, just the ones that the wise writer Hromadzic leaves to his reader to seek and find them, just as the authors of the play search for them to create a play that leads us on the path to Forgotten country.

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 4-10 years