The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Kruševac Theater, Serbia
(based on the novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Paris by Victor Hugo)

director: Zoran Lozančić
dramatization: Radan Radović
director, set design and text adaptation: Zoran Lozančić
costume: Mirjana Stojiljković
music: Bata Zlatković
Quasimodo: Dejan Tončić
Esmeralda: Jelena Vukićević
Claude Frollo: Vladimir Kerkez
Jehan Frolo: Predrag Milenković
Pierre Gringoire: Nikola Rakić
Captain Phoebus: Stevan Zdravić
Tristan: Dušan Jovanović
The beggar king: Dragan Marinković
Beggar 1: Slađana Nestorović Ristić
Beggar 2: Biljana Savić
Beggar 3: Jovanka Andrić
Beggars: Mila Tončić / Katarina Marković
Vojin Ćirić / Ognjen Milenković
Vanja Pršić/ Milica Bićanin / Nina Branković
Milena Mihajlovic / Ana Todorović
Nađa Vučković / Jelena Pitarević / Mila Radenković / Mina Jevtic

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Paris is an inspiring piece, a joy for every reader and, of course, a director. The piece can be read through the character of Quasimodo, an unhappy man, or through the beauty of Esmeralda. Or, perhaps, Claude, an archdeacon who throws away all his acquired knowledge and faith, unable to resist beauty. The hope of reaching it, even though it is unattainable, elevates their destinies to the most terrible tragedy. They are puppets of their hope, puppets of almost unrealistic longing … There is no doubt that the Church of Our Lady of Paris, which is the essence of beauty and art, is one of the main characters, but one of them are certainly the hangers…
Victor Hugo, a great romanticist, humanist and revolutionary, had a great sense of the spirit of the times, his changes and influences on the life and consciousness of people, admiring the beauty and suffering for its tragic nature. He felt that beauty was often unhappy, killed. Beauty in a world where everyone hides behind titles, honors, a place in society that allows them to crave their greed and achieve, cannot remain a flower that grows peacefully. This flower must be faded, because the lust is too strong … Only Quasimodo, the wonderful unhappy man, is solidified before beauty; fearful that the very thoughts will desecrate her, as do the poor, who want to defend it from cruelty and greed, for it is the only thing they have not yet lost.

Duration: 65 minutes
Age: 10+