The Summer I Learned to Fly

Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade, Serbia
(according to Jasminka Petrović’s book)

director: Patrik Lazić
music: Marko Jovanović
dramatization: Ivona Janjić
set designer: Nevena Marković
costume designer: Višnja Žilić
assistant costume designer: Anđela Bajagić
composer: Anđela Milić
producer: Mirjana Žarković
producer assistant: Nadja Milošević
Sofia: Srna Đenadić
Maria: Ljiljana Đurić
Lucia: Draga Zivanovic
Luka: Andrey Jemčov
Sven: Đorđe Mišina

The summer I learned to fly, a novel by Jasminka Petrović, is a good example of how teenage prose can be both fun and clever at the same time, unobtrusively engaged, yet precise in its purpose, seductive through the motives of summer on the Adriatic, sun, sea, summer romances. Still, it’s not another teenage love affair about summer love, this novel is so much more. According to the director, it was important for him to convey from this text the process in which teenage girl Sofia during her summer in Croatia matures into a girl aware that life is much more than social networks. She encounters her own prejudices and stereotypes, discovers her first love, but also encounters the death of a loved one for the first time. The road from Eros to Tanatos is actually the road to maturity, and somewhere in between is life. That is why the metaphor of learning to fly could be more easily translated – the summer when I started growing up.

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: 10+