The Wolf Who Dropped from the Book

Puppet Theater Niš, Serbia
(based on the story of Thierry Robberecht)

dramatization: Marina Bjelić Đurić
director: Dragoslav Todorović
composer: Vladimir Pejković
design of puppets, set design and costumes: Irina Somborac
actors: Mladen Milojković: Wolf
Davorin Dinić: Cat, D’Artagnan, Dragon
Mirjana Đorđevic: Aska, Lackey
Toma Bibić: Pumpkin, Baron Munchausen, Dragon
Marija Cvetković; Cinderella, D’Artagnan
Dejan Gocić: Duke of Rochefort, Half Horse, Dragon, Lackey
Srđan Miljković: Baron Munchausen, Dragon, Lackey
Jelena Đorđević: Red Riding Hood, Duke of Rochefort

This play is based on the humorous story of Belgian writer and comic book author Thierry Robberecht. The hero of the story is allegedly a terrible wolf, who accidentally dropped from a bookshelf, in a room where a big cat is napping. Running away from the cat, the wolf tries to get back into his book but does not fit into any story. To the story of Aska the sheep, he arrives too soon, then makes a mess with the glass shoe in the Cinderella fairy tale, he fails in a sword fight with the musketeers, then he makes Baron Munchausen angry, and he almost gets eaten by the great Chinese dragon… Will the wolf eventually find his rightful place? This is a story just about that, finding your place under the sun.

Duration: 45 minutes
Age: 5+