Little theatre time machine

educational workshop about time

With undescribable joy and impatience, we are looking forward to another Pozorište Zvezdarište festival, where we will present the 4th generation of „Little theatre experts“. It is a programme designed for developing children audiences between ages 8 and 12, which exists from 2016. It is established inspired by concepts of Starke Stüke ExpertInnen programme by Starke Stüke festival in Frankfurt on Main and ASSITEJ dialogues from Bitef Poliphony 2016. Programme consist of two types of activity – theatre visitings, watching performances and discussions afterward, critical and creative workshops as well. This programme‘s goal is twofold: from one hand, encouraging and empowerment of children‘s critical thinking on examples of performing arts, and from the other hand – developing quality of performing arts for children and youngsters in Serbia, through direct dialogue between theatre authors for children and their audience. New programme participants will spend seven wonderful days with their a little more experienced peers from previous generations, wathing and rating shows, learning through fun and socializing, descovering new fields of freedom and imagination. „Zvezdarište“ is their favourite time of year, because they are children jury, therefore, their voice is authority then. For some time flies faster, so the participants of the firts generation, presented in „Zvezdarište“ in 2016, will be the first participants of new programme „Young theatre experts“, adjusted to age from 13 to 18. Superstructure of this initial programme is possible thanks to consistent and sustainable support, that we had from the begining, starting with „Pozorište Zvezdarište“ festival, all children theatre scenes in Belgrade and many other people, which contributed to this thing not to be left only on personal enthusiasm. National theatre gave us special support earlier this year. Thanks to them, this programme is developing, getting better, and our effort and significance of this programme is recognised by general public.

Speaking of time, we will take the opportunity to anounce educational workshop for all the children in off programme in „Zvezdarište“ in 2019, named „Little theatre time machine“. Theatre is procesual art. Changes that are part of drama and performance, that are happening in the audience too, are possible exclusivly in continuity. Today, when we live in instant culture, when children‘s cognitive activity processes significantly more informations per second, more then before the expansion of digitality, it is of enormous importance to stop the time sometimes, to say to the moment – You‘re so lovely! Stop! Dure! – as Faust did (and saved his soul!)

In the workshop „Little theatre time machine“ we will solve the puzzle that gave us great minds, scientists, philosophers and artists, thinking about time; we will learn the differences between natural, calendar, drama and scene time, what are the differences and are there the similarities between subjective and objective time; we will ask ourselves what is the process, what is it for and why some things take time and its fragility; we will revise the nature of the moment and what is the quality of time of our memories and rememberance.

We will see what is happening when we tell a story from the begining till the end, a what is happening when we tell it from the end to begining. Can the story be told from the middle, and if can, where to put the end and the begining? What differences does the position of events make in our interpretative adventures and can we see through author‘s intention if we realize his way of narrating in relation with time?

All of those questions we will enrich with examples from theatre shows we have seen.
Workshop is designed for children from the age 8 to 12 and it‘s gratuite for the participants. This workshop is designed and held by young theatre professionals gathered around art group „Threepenny“.

Ana Popović
Theatre director and theatre pedagogue of art group „Threepenny“