The expert jury of the 16th Children's Theater Festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE, composed of: Aleksandra Glovacki, theater critic and playwright, Bojana Lazić, director and Stefan Bundalo, actor, at the session held on November 25, 2019, made the following decisions:

  • The Award for PUPPET ANIMATION should be given to the ensemble of the play "On the Wolf's Trail" by the Youth Theater of Novi Sad. Explanation: Not only by animating puppets, but by using all other stage elements, the entire ensemble of this play has achieved a high artistic effect, which can and should serve as an example of an approach to serious children's theater.
  • That the Award for the actor of the festival should be given to Stefan Ostojić, for the role of the Wizard, play ‘’Sorry Mom’’, Children’s Theatre Subotica. Explanation: It is rare today to see such an abundance of stage charm and ease with coverage, above all the seriousness and emotionality in the play, which Stefan Ostojić showed as the Wizard.
  • The Award for the actress of the festival should be given to Victoria Palfi for the role of Vasja in the play "Sorry Mom", by the Children's Theater of Subotica. Explanation: Thoughtfully and precisely, with minimalist means, Victoria Palfi manages convincingly and with strong emotion to show the complex relationship of little Vasja towards the world around him.
  • The Award for directing should be given to Jakub Maksimov for directing the play "On the Wolf's Trail", Youth Theater Novi Sad. Explanation: The direction of this play is one of those that is talked about and will be talked about, because it bravely and cleverly raises the high artistic standards of good theater for children and invites all other directors to follow this quality and dedicated artistic trail.
  • That the Special Award be given to the play "Colorful Tree" by the Kragujevac Children's Theater, which introduces the youngest to the world of theater, thus creating a future audience unencumbered by existing conventions. We believe that this type of theater is necessary in terms of nurturing a future audience.
  • To award with the GRAND PRIX of the festival play "Sorry Mom", Children's Theatre Subotica. Explanation: With its original stage language, this play revives an old fairy tale, bringing it closer to modern sensibility, through all segments: acting, design, atmosphere, sound and an important message as relevant today as it used to be, both for children and adults.
  • The jury praises the play "Adventures of Little Juju" by the City Puppet Theater of Rijeka, because with its subtle stage language, and with all theatrical elements, it gently revives an old children's song. The jury especially emphasizes the final dramaturgical intervention and its strong humanitarian message


In Belgrade, 25.11.2019.

Aleksandra Glovacki

Bojana Lazić

Stefan Bundalo