Youth Theatre, Children's Stage, Novi Sad, Serbia

Author: Silvija Šesto
Director: Emilija Mrdaković
Dramatization: Dimitrije Kokanov
Conceptual design of puppets and
scenography: Edna Mačković
Costume designer: Milica Grbić Komazec
Composer: Irena Popović, Nikola Dragović
Choreography: Ista Stepanov
Concertmaster: Aleksandra Lazin
Lecturer: Saša Latinovic
Photos and video: Nemanja Leković
Poster and program booklet design: Edna Mačković


Lada: Isidora Vlček
Brother Dado, Zlatko, Silvio: Miloš Macura
Mum, Sanja, Ivana: Neda Danilović
Dad, Branko: Slobodan Ninković

The play deals with the problems of growing up, the challenges of upbringing, the search for identity in young people and, as the name suggests, the struggle of a teenager with excess weight.

Lada, the main heroine of the play, connects all her failures in her life with her obesity and struggles every day with the idea that she has to keep a diet. In the end, she managed to lose a few kilograms, but that did not make her happy. Lada understands that it is not the weight that matters, but what surrounds us and how we feel. "I was as unhappy as a skinny girl," says Lada, realizing that life is not easy for even thinner people. Lada realizes her hidden qualities by struggling with things that sometimes not only teenagers but also adults struggle with. She accepts herself as she is.


Duration: 75 minutes
Age: 14+