The Children's Jury of the 17th Zvezdarište will include 13 girls and boys aged 8 to 12, participants in the Small Theatre Experts program. Antonije, Zvezdana, Nikola, David, Petar, Ana, Ljubica, Sreten, Nikolina, Aleksa, Lav, Tara and Alek belong to the sixth generation of participants in this important program, which was designed and led by young theatre professionals and pedagogues gathered around the organization Threepenny.

Little Theatre Experts is a program for the development of children's theatre audiences. At carefully designed creative and educational workshops, theatre experts and pedagogues develop and nurture cultural needs and habits and encourage and strengthen creative and critical thinking in children. The role of the Children's Jury at the Zvezdarište Theatre Festival always brings immense joy to young theatre experts, despite the responsibility it carries.

This school year, the program team consists of Ana Pinter (theater director), Milena Radović (student of the Faculty of Teacher Education in Belgrade), Sandra Nikač (puppet creator and set designer) and Danilo Brakočević (actor) with the help and support of many associates and Belgrade theatre stages for children.