Of all the activities that make up the "Little Theatre Experts" program, the participants enjoy the role of the Children's Jury at the festival Pozorište Zvezdarište the most. At the upcoming 18th edition of the festival, experts will serve as a jury for the eighth time.

    Little theatre experts are aged from 7 to 12 years old. And usually, they spend time together watching theatre plays and learning in a playful and fun way about how a stage performance is perceived and talked about. During Zvezdarište, these activities gain another important quality for the little ones. That quality is the responsibility they take in choosing the most successful plays presented during the festival and serious approach when explaining the reasons behind their choices. This is precisely why the cooperation between the Little Theatre Experts and the Pozorište Zvezdarište Festival is of immense importance - so that artistic creators and the audience they create for could come into direct contact and develop with each other.

    "Little Theatre Experts" is a program for the development of children's theatre audience that has been running as an educational program of the "Threepenny" artist collective from Belgrade since 2016. This year, the program is being developed and led by Ana Pinter, a theatre director and pedagogue, and Milena Radović, a student at the Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade.