City Theatre ar Ptica, Zagreb, Croatia

Playwright and dramaturgy:
Jelena Kovačić
Direction: Anica Tomić

Roles: Amanda Prenkaj, Gorana Marin, Domagoj Ivanković, Petar Atanasovski, Marko Hergeišić, Bogdan Ilić

Scenography: Igor Vasiljev
Costume: Doris Kristić
Composer: Nenad Kovačić
Stage movement: authors team, ensemble and Anja Đurinović
Light: Aleksandar Čavlek
Visuals and photography: Mare Milin
Graphic design: Klasja&Zita
Associate fror magic tricks: Domagoj Ivanković
Music performers:
Nenad Kovačić, percusions, guitar, ukulele,
Lucija Stanojević, violin,
Valdemar Kušan, trumpet



Little Frida was inspired by the childhood of the Mexican painter and one of the most fascinating artists of the 20th century, Frida Kahlo, who fell ill with childhood paralysis at the age of six and already as a little girl felt what it means to be different. The story that this play brings to the stage is imaginary, but full of sparkle, temperament, colors and sounds that the unique Frida Kahlo brought to us. Our seven-year-old Frida takes us to Mexico, Casa Azul - Kahlo family house. Frida fantasizes about real friends and acquaintances, but one who will not mock her and only see her illness. Little Frida is a story about friendship that makes us better, determination that makes us fearless and imagination that makes everything possible. But above all, Little Frida is a story of acceptance, of ourselves and others. She will, hopefully, show how one girl, despite all the obstacles that her life brought to her, decided to step into it without fear and how precisely because of her courage she became the inimitable Frida Kahlo.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age: 7+