Children's Theatre Kragujevac, Serbia

Text: Ana Duša and Tin Grabnar
Directed by: Tin Grabnar
Dramaturgy: Ana Duša
Music: Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar
Costume: Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič
Serbian translation: Nebojša Pop Tasić
Translation into sign language: Ana Keler
Milomir Rakić, Ljubica Radomirović, Miloš Milovanović and Sanja Matejić

A Quiet Boy is a puppet show without puppets - it is finger dancing and body acting, which are based on the principles of the so-called platform theater, where a person on stage can be an actor, a puppet, a stage element and a prop.

A boy lives in a big house, somewhere in the village. His family has four members: in addition to his father and mother, there is also the boy's five-year-old sister Lejla. The father, the head of the family, is a hunter; in a locked closet in the attic, away from children, he keeps a large hunting rifle. Sometimes, a boy goes hunting with his dad, but he must not even touch the rifle - he will only be able to shoot when he has passed the exam for a hunter. One day, when the children were left alone at home, the boy discovered that the attic door was unlocked. Although they shouldn't do that, the brother and sister set out to explore the mysterious space. Among the spiders, bats and old newspapers, the two find a forbidden treasure: the key to the closet in which his father hid his rifle.

The boy's name is Vuk and this is his story.

Duration: 50 minutes
Age: 7+