Theatre for Children and Youth Kragujevac, Serbia

Jakub Maksimov, based on on the fairy tale by Felix Salten

Monday, October 2 at 6:00 p.m. 
Puppet Theatre "Pinocchio", Bul. maršala Tolbuhina 1

Directed by: Jakub Maksimov
Set and costume design: Olga Ziebinska
Puppet design and creation: Olga Ziebinska
Composition: Lazar Novkov
Scenography: Mini Bees

Miloš Milovanović,
Darija Vulić/Sanja Matejić,
Milomir Rakić,
Vladimir Đoković,
Ljubica Radomirović,
Marko Đurić


     Theatre play "Bambi" is telling us a story about growing up and getting to know the world of a little deer. We will experience with him his childhood, joys and difficulties of his growing up. Such a small deer has to learn how to stand, walk, jump, run, play, look for food, be alone, feel danger. And he never stops learning, the world will always be a mystery to the deer, even when he grows up. "Bambi" will give the youngest a great lesson about life: life is beautiful and life is a cycle, and that is what the youngest audience will take home as the biggest impression. They will wipe the tears they shed for Bambi's mother and rejoice in the new spring and the green hill under which a new life is being born - Bambi's child.

Duration: 55 minutes
Recommended age: 6+