Puppet Theatre "Pinocchio", Belgrade, Serbia

Slavčo Malenov, based on the motifs of a folk fairy tale

Friday, September 29 at 2:00 p.m. 
Puppet Theatre "Pinocchio", Bul. maršala Tolbuhina 1

Directed by: Slavčo Malenov
Scenography: Vasil Rokomanov
Puppet and costume design: Silva Bačvarova
Composition: Vladimir Đambazov
Sculptures: Stanislava Krsteva
Puppet design: Patar Čekurov

Goran Popović,
Željka Mandić,
Borko Sarić,
Nikola Mijatović,
Đorđe Kreća,
Lako Nikolić,
Zorana Milošaković Tasić,
Jovan Popović,
Nela Nikolić,
Ljiljana Živić,
Biljana Mihajlović,
Драгана Васић

     "Fairy Tale of the Enchanted Beauty" tells a story about love - the most important feeling in human life. We will meet the king, the queen and their three sons –the princes, but also three beautiful girls, which live in the Rose Forest. The girls can't get married because one of them - the beauty Crnoroba, is bewitched by the evil Wizard and as soon as she looks at a boy he turns into a tree. So they live with their misfortune and only the love of the youngest prince could undo the curse and free his two brothers, who were turned into trees. Every fairy tale has a happy ending, and "Fairy Tale of the Enchanted Beauty" has important messages about how we can face the problems that await us in the future.

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: 4+