Kuskus Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ajda Rooss, based on the stories by Sergey Kozlov

Friday, September 29 at 11:00 a.m. 
Big Stage - "Vuk" Theatre, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 77a

Concept, direction and music: Peter Kus
Scenography and art design: Kaja Avberšek
Costume design: Iztok Hrga
Light design: Borut Bučinel

Urška Cvetko,
Bruno Kontrec,
Gregor Hrovat/Lola Mlačnik,
Ivan Štrok


"The Forest of Songs" is a musical-puppet fairy tale for children. It is a sound "forest" theatre, made of materials that come from nature: tree branches, roots, forest plants and fruits become musical instruments, puppets or parts of the scenography. A hedgehog and a bear live in the forest and explore it together. Through their relationship, the story reveals to us topics such as friendship, trust, loneliness, tolerance, sensitivity, confusion about the world that surrounds them and the joy of life.

Duration: 40 minutes
Recommended age: 4 – 9