Little theatre “Duško Radović”, Belgrade, Serbia

Tijana Grumić, based on the fairy tale by H.C. Andersen

Wednesday, October 4 at 11:00 a.m. 
Little Theatre "Duško Radović", Aberdareva 1

Direction and stage movement: Damjan Kecojević
Scenography: Zorana Petrov
Costume design: Aleksandra Lalić
Puppet design: Sandra Nikač
Composition: Vladimir Pejković


Jelena Ilić,
Mladen Lero,
Maja Jovanović Spasojević,
Dušica Sinobad,
Jovana Cvetković,
Marijana Vićentijević Badovinac,
Nikola Kerkez,
Vladislava Đorđević,
Miloš Anđelković


     Once upon a time there was a magic mirror that turned everything that was beautiful into ugly, and everything good and happy into bad and sad. One day the magic mirror shattered into billions of tiny pieces. There were as many shards as there are people, and more than that, and when a shard of the magic mirror cuts into someone's eye or heart, that pain begins to change them. This is where the story about the unbreakable friendship of Gerda and Kai begins, who, each in their own way, are trying to cope with the changes that are happening to them. A story about growing up, about what it means to love, about how each of us carries a strength within us that helps us face the most difficult challenges and what it means to be a true friend. Because, the true mirror are our friends who see us as we really are.

Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: 6+