Cultural Center of Pančevo, Serbia
Festival of Ecological Theatre for Children and Youth FEP, Bačka Palanka, Serbia

Stefan Tićmi

Sunday, October 1 at 2:00 p.m. 
"Kult" Stage - "Vuk" Theatre, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 77a

Directed by: Milja Mazarak
Dramaturgy: Isidora Milosavljević
Scenography: Mina Miladinović
Costume design: Biljana Grgur
Composition: Nikola Dragović
Light design: Milica Vukmanović

Cast: Sofija Mijatović


     Akiko is not an ordinary girl, she is different from her peers, she is wise and closed in her world, but free and brave in her thoughts, ideas and views, and as such, she is a representative of all the differences that make this world in which we live richer. Akiko is like the Little Prince - she doesn't like numbers, doesn't have an age, doesn't believe in borders and divisions. Despite the recommendation that the play is intended for children over 7 years old, it invites all those who feel "adult" to watch it as well.

Duration: 75 minutes
Recommended age: 10+