About Festival

     The Children's Theatre Festival "POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE" is a regional competitive festival that presents the best theatrical productions for children in Serbia and neighboring countries.

    The initiative to hold the festival was initiated by the actress Olivera Viktorović, the journalist Tanja Peternek Aleksić came up with the name and went down in history as the "godmother of the festival", and the following people provided support and actively participated in the creation: Svetlana Velmar-Janković, Radmila Hrustanović, Željko Hubač, Nebojša Romčević ... The idea was that by organizing "Zvezdarište" to affirm and encourage theatrical creation for the youngest and in that way to at least slightly correct the injustice that is reflected in the treatment of cultural events for children as secondary, less important.

     And so, with a handful of good wishes, big plans and a lot of enthusiasm, the story of the "Zvezdarište" began. The festival was founded in 2003, and the founder is the City Municipality of Zvezdara. The festival is a member of the International Association of Theatre and Performing Arts for Children and Young People ASSITEJ and the Regional Theatre Centre for Children and Young Audience EPICENTRE.

     The goals of the festival are: developing and fostering cultural habits in children and youth and affirming the educational importance of theatre as an important cultural content and space where in a creative way new knowledge is gained; encouraging mutual acquaintance, cooperation and exchange of experiences of theatre creators from different environments and creating a type of forum for the exchange of experiences, which will enable a faster integration of local artists and children's theatres into European and world trends.

   The festival is selective and competitive. The festival selector, from the total number of registered theatre plays, after viewing and expert assessment, invites the best ones.


  • puppetry, drama/play and combined forms;;
  • performances of classical theatre and performances belonging to new theatrical trends;
  • verbal and non-verbal theatre (shadow theatre, movement theatre, dance theater...);
  • theatre plays for children of all ages - from the youngest to performances for teenagers;

   The festival is monitored by an expert jury composed of theatre artists and a children's jury (as an expression of respect and appreciation of the opinions of children as the target group for which the festival is primarily intended).

    The expert jury gives 7 awards in the following categories: best play of the festival, text, direction, female and male role, design and puppet animation, and the children's jury gives 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards for the play as a whole. The awards of the expert jury consist of a charter and a monetary amount, and the awards of the children's jury consist of a charter and equipped children's artwork. Since 2008, the audience award has also been awarded. дечијег ликовног рада. Од 2008. године, додељује се и награда публике.

   In the first place, the festival is intended for children and young people, and indirectly also for parents, educators, teachers (those who care about the proper and healthy upbringing of children by recommending them quality cultural contents).

    With the aim of making cultural content accessible to as many children as possible, tickets will be distributed free of charge to all visitors, as well as children from orphanages and foster families, children from refugee camps, children with special needs, and children from socially vulnerable families. All accompanying programs are also free for all visitors.

Vladan Jeremić, president of the City Municipality of Zvezdara and president of the Festival Council;
Tatjana Peternek Aleksić (Council member);
Olivera Vikotorović Đurašković (Council member);
Ljiljana Marinković (Council member) and
Vesna Petrović Urošević (Council member)