The Expert Jury of the 17th Children's Theatre Festival POZORIŠTE ZVEZDARIŠTE, composed of: Miran Hajoš, theatre producer, Olivera Viktorović Đurašković, actress and professor of acting and Tijana Grumić, playwright, at a session held on May 27, 2022, decided:

     This year's jury of the 17th Children's Theatre Festival "Pozorište Zvezdarište" wants to pay special tribute to the organizing team of the 17th Pozorište Zvezdarište for quality and dedicated organization of the festival after a two-year break, making a great effort in times still challenging for the theatre and theatre festivals also, to bring to Belgrade again a large number of plays for the joy of all of us who had the opportunity to watch them.

  • to give the Special Award for Collective Play to the ensemble of the play "Boy with a Suitcase" of the Small Theatre "Duško Radović" Explanation: The actresses and actors of the play "The Boy with the Suitcase" carried out numerous transformations in an original manner with minimal and effective acting means and methods, thus telling a touching and important story to children and young people in a receptive and adequate way, which the audience confirmed with their reactions.
  • To give the ANIMATION PRIZE an ensemble of the play »Silent Boy«, Children’s Theatre, Kragujevac.
    The actresses and actors of the play "Silent Boy", using only their bodies and voices, managed to conjure up scenographic solutions, events, living beings and feelings in a skilful and authentic way.
  • To give the FESTIVAL ACTOR AWARD equally to Domagoj Ivanković for the role of father in the play "Little Frida", the City Theatre Žar ptica 
    Milomir Rakić for the role of the boy Vuk in the play "Silent Boy", Children’s Theatre, Kragujevac.
    Domagoj Ivanković shows the range of possibilities, ranging from authentic acting, through dance, all the way to magic tricks, which vividly evokes the character of the creative and caring father of the artist Frida Kahlo.
    Milomir Rakić devotedly embodies the character of the boy Vuk who experiences an accident in which he loses his hearing and from a carefree boy he becomes a boy who must learn to live in a new world, but he succeeds with full lungs. With an exceptional acting transformation, Milomir authentically conveys this from the stage.
  • To give the FESTIVAL ACTRESS AWARD to Amanda Prenkaj for the role of Little Frida in the play "Little Frida", by the City Theatre "Žar ptica".
    With her talent and precise acting, Amanda Prenkaj fantastically evokes the character of the great artist Frida Kahlo from the period of the painter’s childhood, both in spirit and in a striking visual transformation.
  • To give the PRIZE FOR THE TEXT to Jelena Kovačić, for the text of the play "Little Frida", City Theatre "Žar ptica".
    Jelena Kovačić tells the story of the great artist Frida Kahlo’s growing up, her struggle with seeing other children differently because of her illness, the great support she found in her family, but also what it means to be a girl in a world favorable to men. thus telling the story of all the girls and raising it from the level of the specific, to the level of the universal.
  • To give the AWARD FOR DIRECTING  to Anica Tomić for directing the play "Little Frida", by the City Theatre "Žar ptica".
    Anica Tomić, in cooperation with her team of authors, imaginatively and effectively evokes the story of Little Frida, builds spaces and atmospheres and with her precise direction skillfully guides actors and collaborators through excellent text, thus giving them the opportunity to express all their potential and creativity. audiences of all ages providing a real pleasure to watch. 
  • To give the GRAND PRIX OF THE FESTIVAL to the play "Silent Boy", Children’s Theatre, Kragujevac.
    Ana Duša and Tin Grabnar, in cooperation with the Children’s Theatre from Kragujevac, are building a play with a unique suggestive expression which in all its segments, with minimal resources, shows the warmth of the story and the importance of the child’s problem with the need for additional support. This play intended for children of all ages does not leave even the adult audience indifferent, on the contrary, it opens everyone to questions about life in specific situations that we can all encounter.

In Belgrade,
May 27, 2022
Miran Hajoš
Olivera Viktorović Đurašković
Tijana Grumić